Fabrication details of any complexity and size with drawings or samples submitted by Customer: shafts, axles, sheaves etc.

Turning, milling, drilling works, making key slots, thermal treatment. Repair/renewing of damaged details: overlaying, groove, milling.

Manufacturing spare parts for any equipment. Fabrication of cutting blades for guillotine shears.

Manufacturting and tooth formation of strait-tooth gears to module 12 diameter to 1000mm., helical worm-and-worm gears.

Fabrication of bronze bushes and caprolon washers. Pressing in and pressing-out of assembling units.

Bending the sheet metal with flanging press and rolling machine. Making barrels of any diameter, width to 3000mm.

Plasma cutting of ferrous and stainless metals 2х6m height up to 30мм with any configuration of details.

Fabrication of metal structures up to 10t.

Welding of non-ferrous metals.